We have a very supportive Governing Body. They make decisions about how the school is run and provide support for the Headteacher and Staff.
They meet at least once a term and have legal duties, powers and responsibility.
The following people form the Governing Body of this school:

Mr. D. Jacks Chair, Co-opted
Mr. N. Hughes Vice Chair, Co-opted
Mrs. K. Owen-Jones Headteacher
Mrs D. Murray Teacher Governor
Miss D. Hughes Staff Governor
Mrs. R. Higgins Parent Governor
Mrs. M. Lloyd Parent Governor
Mr G. Akinyele Parent Governor
Mrs N. Robertson Parent Governor
Councillor D. Mitchell LA Governor
Councillor B. Cameron Community Governor

Parent Governors
These Governors represent you on the School Governing Body. Any concerns or comments you have about the school may be discussed with these representatives and if necessary, any issues will be taken to the next Governors meeting.


Annual Report to Parents 2021-2022 (2)